2012 BET Awards

The BET Awards aired this past Sunday and of course I had to watch it! Plus I needed to get my red carpet fashion fix. Although a few notable celebs didn't walk the carpet there were plenty of others who proudly strutted their looks. If there weren't many wow moments outside the event there were definitely some backstage and on stage. Here are my favs...

Shocking Pink Leopard Print

Lately I’ve been finding it harder and harder to come across a good nail technician who knows what I’m talking bout when I say I want ombre nails, lace nails or any other new trend that I’m interested in trying out. Maybe it’s because I don’t live in a major city like NY or Miami, maybe it’s because the nail techs I’ve come across just aren’t that good or experience, who knows. Last week was an exception though…

A friend of mine told me to give her place a try she even listed the names of which nail techs were pretty good at designs and trends, so I did just that. The result… I love my nails! Ok, even though the pointy nail shape and the leopard design on only 2 fingers were both my ideas, my tech did a great job at executing the design and shape I wanted. These pointy nails kindda make me feel like I have Lady Gaga claws… a little monster indeed.
I used a color from the salon by China Glaze called Shocking Pink.

Goodbye :-(

(Can you believe none of us even planned all that color coordination)
A few weeks ago my very good and dear friend Iiona moved to Texas. She recently graduated from college and decided that it was a good time to seek out some new opportunites for her and her family, (how dare she). Well not only was Iiona a close friend, she was also my amazing photographer for the past year and a half.

Generously lending me her time and expertise, she always meet up with me whenever I said "Let's do a photo shoot" like the ones I posted here, here and here. Then there were those other shoots that I got her to do which I posted about here, here, and here. The other day I posted the last from our outings here, but before she left we managed to get in a final impromtu shoot that I posted here. As you can see this girl put in work!
(We're both wearing black but we didn't plan this color coordination either!)
So a very huge thank you Iiona! I love this girl and wish her all the best!

Check out her blog here!
If you live in Texas and need a great photographer drop her a line!

I want that look... for less!

Keri Hilson was seen leaving the modeling offices of Whilimena the other day. Does this mean some model work for Ms. Hilson in the near futture? Guess we'll find out soon enough, but in the mean time I'm loving this look! I soo wanna recreate this on me, those booties are sick... edgy with a dose of chic-ness. The gold chain combo on the bag and cuff of the shoes go nicely with scarf. Love how this all came together!

Get the curvy version of this look for lessLook for Less - Keri Hilson