Geometric Fun

I wore this little number last week on a blistering HOT day. I’m not sure how our weather here in Wisconsin can flip flop back and forth like crazy. Seriously it’ll be like 90 degrees and humid for three days then thunderstorm for like 5 then back to hot and humid. Come one can’t I get a couple days of 70-80 degree weather.
Alright sorry for that small rant. Anyway, I picked up this dress because the material is so soft and smooth it feels silky and has such great movement when I walk. I live dresses like that, they seem to just sashay and move with you body so in sync. I also had to have this dress because I loved the geometric print it has. All the black swirls just add to the dimension of the dress. I wore the outfit to work so I had to add the black cardi because it can get chilly at my desk.  Otherwise I would’ve nixed the cardi and bared arms on a hot day like this one was. I threw on the belt and my black Fergie wedges and I was set. I also remembered to show the purse I’ve been sporting lately. It has all these black studs, super cute and it goes with so many outfits. I got if from Marshall’s for like $20 what a steal! It’s really big and roomy which is perfect for me cuz I can throw in all my stuff and more. Thanks to my wonderful friend Tenzin for being my photographer. I had so much fun with her doing all these different poses, she really brought out another more model-y side of me so excuse my silly facial expressions.
Dress: Macy’s
Cardi: Old Navy
Shoes: Famous Footwear
Bag: Marshall’s

Shatter Me

So I went in to get my nails redone the other day and when I first get there I really wanted to do a round 2 of the smiley faces. But I decided against that and instead went with something new. The OPI Shatter Polish in black with a mint green color as my base. Inspiration ala Katy Perry, the result... I LOVE it! They final result kinda reminds me of reptile skin, don't you think. Anyway I can't wait to go back and try out all the other shades of shatter polish. I'm thinking maybe an orange or red shatter for next time but we'll see...

Bloggers Do It Better: Neon + Neutral

It’s time for another “Blogger’s Do It Better” challenge… YAY! Even though this is only my second time partaking in the BDIB challenges I have quickly grown to love them and I can’t wait to have fun stepping up to these challenges. This time around the challenge was to combine neon colors with neutrals. I have to admit it took me a few days of trying on different outfits before I finally decided that this one was what I was going to go with.  I really don’t have many neon pieces in my wardrobe so I’m not sure why it took me so long to put something together. I guess that’s part of the fun, mixing and matching things to see what looks best.

I went with this very bright yellow number because like I said it’s one of the few neon items that I own. It’s actually a dress that I’m wearing as a shirt. Hey who says that you have to wear something only one way? I love wearing my clothing in multiple ways dresses as skirts and shirts, skirts as dresses. I believe that there is always something more you can do with an item you just have to get a little creative. Besides, I want my money’s worth.  I mixed the tan colored skirt in because I felt that black was too much of a contrast and I just wasn’t in the mood to do a black combination. The khaki jacket I added as a way to downplay the brightness of the yellow. But I actually like the pics without the jacket better than the pics with the jacket. This challenge was also the perfect opportunity to break out my snakeskin wedge sandals that I got from Payless about a month or so ago. They were part of the Christian Siriano (aka former Project Runway winner) collection. I love his partnership with Payless, his shoes and purses are so amazing.

Dress & Skirt: Old Navy
Jacket: Gifted
Shoes: Payless

Gimmie Gimmie: Summer Wedges






10.   11.


       13.   14.

Now that the weather is heating up here in Wisconsin, I've been wearing a summer staple of mine... wedges! I live for wedges so I thought I would do a special post for some of the ones I'm lusting after (especially #3, I better start saving my pennies). Besides coming in many styles, shapes, colors and patterns most wedges are super super comfy. Wedges are a great compromise for women like myself who at times want to wear heels but don't want the pain. Personally I think espadrilles and cork wedges are the most comfy styles. When I can make it through a 12hr shift at work and my feet don't hurt after wearing a pair of wedges all day long then I must profess my love them. And they can come in all different price ranges too, the Old Navy ones #9 are only $15 bucks. At that price you can't afford not to be stylish. Happy Shopping!

Thanks for stopping by... S.I.W.

Back to Basics...

Ever since the weather started being sunny on a more consistent basis I've been wearing more color in my outfits, which I love! But in wearing more color and prints, I've realized that I need to expand my summer wardrobe to include more subtle colors and pieces. Now of course I love me some bright shades in various colors, as well as a whole lotta loud prints and patterns for the warm summer months. Although every once in a while I like to take a step back from all the wonderful color and just do an outfit with the volume turned down. Not to worry I'm sure I'll be back at full blast very soon.

So I thought I'd change things up today and go with some neutral colors i.e. an all black and white ensemble. Plus I had been dying to wear this stripy top for a while now. I bought it a year or so ago and I fell in love with it as soon as I saw it on the rack, the stripes and then those big oversized white buttons just drew me in and I was sold. The shirt is actually a tube top and I was wearing this outfit to work so I needed arm coverage. I went with the white cardi to give a hint of brightness to the outfit. I picked the black skirt because the bubble hem had more of flair to it. I also wanted the bottom to be loose and fall away from my body since the top and cardi were fitted.

Thanks for stopping by... S.I.W.

Cardi: Old Navy
Top: Lane Bryant
Skirt: Gifted
Wedges: Steve Madden

This Is How I Color Block

One of my favorite trends as of late especially for the summer is, (drum roll in my head)... Color Blocking! There are endless variations and options to try in your own wardrobe, just think of wearing different colors as your main pieces. But beware the bright color combinations really stand out and call for attention, so be prepared to get noticed. I gotta say thinking in a color blocking way really made me more aware of all the different possibilities in my wardrobe. On a previous post I unknowingly put together a color blocked outfit which you can see here and I wasn't at all trying to color block that time. That's one of the great things about this trend, everyone already owns some color pieces in their clothing and you don’t have to try too hard to create an outfit.

So long story short, I thought I'd purposely give it try and here's what I came up with. This time I went for loud color combos by pairing green, orange and pink together. I did add a neutral accessory in the mix with my shoes only because the skirt is on the short side for me, and anytime I wear something that short I like to do flats or low heels (I know the skirt may not look that short in these pics but I didn't post any shots from the side). Since I'm really loving this trend I'm sure there'll be other color blocking variations in my future. 

Thanks for stopping by... S.I.W.

Cardi: Shopko
Shirt: Gifted
Skirt: Old Navy
Shoes: I forget where I got em

Green with Envy

I bought this dress from Old Navy, one of my favorite stores because they have such affordable stuff and lately they have really been stepping their game up when it comes to keeping up with trends. I loved this dress so much that I bought it another magenta color (which I’m sure I will be featuring at some point). The ruffles on the top of dress keep it from being so plain and it adds a feminine girly touch. There are also pockets on the sides which you can’t see but the fact that they’re there makes me really happy. Sometimes when I buy stuff from Old Navy it can be thin and a little see through but this dress is double lined which means I don’t have to worry about wearing any sort of tank tops or slips underneath it.  All in all this dress was a really great buy. In the past I’ve normally wore my bright yellow cardi with this dress but after one too many Packer’s references (I’m lovingly talking to you Julie) I decided to switch to this brown cardi, besides it matched my shoes better any way. I wanted to try and go for a more noticeable and dramatic lip color so I went with this deep berry shade called “Buttered Rum” that I got from Avon.

Cardi: Lane Bryant
Dress: Old Navy
Shoes: Payless