D.I.Y. Military Jacket

Today a hint of spring was in the air and I wanted to take advantage by wearing some heels (ok, so they were only like 2 in heels but heels none the less). I wanted more contrast in my outfit so I added the black jacket and tunic to the cream colored khakis. I love this military jacket, it was kind of a d.i.y. (do it yourself) project. When I first got the jacket the buttons were such a dull black, so I replaced the old ones with the ones I have on because they were silver with specs of gold in them. I think I made the right choice, the new buttons really make the jacket pop. I love d.i.y. projects when they can be this easy.

Jacket: Alloy
Tunic: Gifted
Pants: Burlington
Booties: Payless

Merl and her jewelry


Merl's Jewelry

*Photos from Merl's site*

Today I got to observe a photo shoot with Madison Magazine and I met a wonderful jewelry designer Merl. The pieces she brought with her were amazing, I definitely want to order something. Merl was so sweet and nice. She was wearing this nude color dress that looked fantastic with her red hair. It's the May issue so pick it up to find out about Merl and the 3 other designers featured.

Also check out Merl's website to see more of her and her jewelry http://clydesrebirth.blogspot.com/

Mellow Yellow

Today was one of those days where it's really sunny out and you think it's gonna be warm, but nope it's really cold. I decided to take this transition period from winter to spring as an opportunity to wear some of my fav winter pieces before it's time to pack them away. I stayed with the sunshine vibe and wore my slouchy yellow sweater (love yellow it's one of my fav colors). The black tank top I have on is actually part of a 2 piece sweater but I always wear it by itself as an undershirt in the winter. You can't see my headband in the other photos so I did a close up of it. I got it at this little shop downtown for only $8, definitely a good purchase.

Sweater: Old Navy
Tank: Torrid
Jeans: Target
Shoes: Payless
Headband: Little Luxuries

Keeping a promise

It was raining today so I definitely needed some boots. I'm notorious for always wearing jeans over my boots, then getting upset that the bottom of my jeans has gotten wet. Not to mention having to walk around with wet pants... ugh. This last happened 2 weeks ago and I made a promise that from then on, rain = boots with skinny jeans. Even better I remembered to watch the news and planned my outfit the night before. I hadn't worn this green cardi in a while and today seemed like a good day to add a little color. I paired it with the white shirt cause I love how the cowl neck and side ties can drape over the front.

Cardigan & Top: Shopko
Jeans: Target
Boots: Burlington

Short Jacket, Long Skirt

When I got dressed this morning I was really in the mood for a long skirt. I'm on the shorter side so long skirts and me don't always look in sync. But sometimes I just can't fight my fashion urge when I really want to wear a certain item. Today was one of those days. I kept it simple by adding a v-neck tee but the stripy green pattern made it pop a bit. I was a little cold so I threw on this cropped khaki jacket which matched my boots very well. When I do long skirts I like to add heels to keep myself from looking even shorter, but I really love my slouchy khaki boots (and did I mention how well they matched my jacket). The necklace I got a couple yrs ago and I just <3.

Jacket: Gift from my sister
Shirt: Old Navy
Skirt: I can't remember
Boots: Burlington
Necklace: Shopko

Beyond Burgundy

I picked this outfit because I was wanted to try and wear something that had a simple kind of vibe to it. I've been trying to be more of a minimalist in my outfit choices but still remain chic and stylish of course. Whenever I go for that kind of look I like to start with a neutral color so I picked my black tights, which are one of the comfiest items I own. I wanted to pick a top that was simple but still had a little something to it, and if I wear leggings I usually pair it with a tunic. I knew right away which top to pick, my burgundy tunic I love the knit pattern on it. The shoes I'm wearing have flowers made out of zippers on the top. The necklace has pearls along the neckline and it may have taken away a bit of the simplicity but I have a love affair with long dangly necklaces right now.

Tunic: Lane Bryant
Tights: Old Navy
Necklace: Evans
Shoes: Famous Footwear