D.I.Y. Military Jacket

Today a hint of spring was in the air and I wanted to take advantage by wearing some heels (ok, so they were only like 2 in heels but heels none the less). I wanted more contrast in my outfit so I added the black jacket and tunic to the cream colored khakis. I love this military jacket, it was kind of a d.i.y. (do it yourself) project. When I first got the jacket the buttons were such a dull black, so I replaced the old ones with the ones I have on because they were silver with specs of gold in them. I think I made the right choice, the new buttons really make the jacket pop. I love d.i.y. projects when they can be this easy.

Jacket: Alloy
Tunic: Gifted
Pants: Burlington
Booties: Payless

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