Gimmie Gimmie: Summer Wedges






10.   11.


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Now that the weather is heating up here in Wisconsin, I've been wearing a summer staple of mine... wedges! I live for wedges so I thought I would do a special post for some of the ones I'm lusting after (especially #3, I better start saving my pennies). Besides coming in many styles, shapes, colors and patterns most wedges are super super comfy. Wedges are a great compromise for women like myself who at times want to wear heels but don't want the pain. Personally I think espadrilles and cork wedges are the most comfy styles. When I can make it through a 12hr shift at work and my feet don't hurt after wearing a pair of wedges all day long then I must profess my love them. And they can come in all different price ranges too, the Old Navy ones #9 are only $15 bucks. At that price you can't afford not to be stylish. Happy Shopping!

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