Shocking Pink Leopard Print

Lately I’ve been finding it harder and harder to come across a good nail technician who knows what I’m talking bout when I say I want ombre nails, lace nails or any other new trend that I’m interested in trying out. Maybe it’s because I don’t live in a major city like NY or Miami, maybe it’s because the nail techs I’ve come across just aren’t that good or experience, who knows. Last week was an exception though…

A friend of mine told me to give her place a try she even listed the names of which nail techs were pretty good at designs and trends, so I did just that. The result… I love my nails! Ok, even though the pointy nail shape and the leopard design on only 2 fingers were both my ideas, my tech did a great job at executing the design and shape I wanted. These pointy nails kindda make me feel like I have Lady Gaga claws… a little monster indeed.
I used a color from the salon by China Glaze called Shocking Pink.

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