Polka Dots

I was looking through my photos the other day when I noticed these shots that I had taken a while ago but never posted. My lovely photographer Iiona and I had a successful impromptu photo shoot on a rare day when I actually wore pants. I can tell it was a while ago cuz I'm wearing pants and a wool jacket.

I bought this top for super cheap sometime last year. I'm taking dirt cheap, I think I paid like $2 for it during a massive end of summer sale. So basically I had to grab it and hang onto it til this summer before debuting it.

The shirt is actually a tank top which is why I added the wool sweater. I really adore the keyhole cutout on the chest. It's such a subtle detail that adds a little something extra. I never like to be too over the top with my details.

This was my first go with polka dots and I really like the end result. I think I'll be wearing much more of this outfit come fall and winter. I belted the whole thing and threw on my wedges, done and done. Thanks for reading.

Top: Old Navy
Wool Jacket: Gifted
Pants: Burlington
Wedges: Payless

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