We Have A Winner

Kara Laricks walked away with the title of Fashion Star this past Tuesday night. In addition to her title she also claimed the real prize... 6 million dollars worth of purchase orders from three major retailers!

Check out a glimpse of each winning collection for Macy's, H&M and Saks!

First up is a look from the Macy's collection. Overall I think that the designs are great for the Macy's customer. There are lots of darker neutral colors and some printed pieces that are office friendly. I think many of the looks are playing it safe but, I could still see many women snapping up these simple yet chic pieces. Have a look for yourself here.

The next collection is for H&M  and it's pretty stylish. Or maybe it just looks that way because the campaign features the designer herself and model Joan Smalls in every shot.

Either way the H&M looks have more structured pieces and seem more modern than the Macy's collection. The color palette is full of black, white and a few pops of red pieces. There's also a super cute red printed high / low hem dress that I wish was in my size. Oh well check out the other looks here.

Kara's last collection is for Saks Fifth Avenue and it's amazing! Definitely my favorite collection out of the three. The Saks campaign features supermodel CoCo Rocha working it out in every look. The color palette is again full of neutrals and this time no printed pieces among them. But no complaints here because the looks are so stylish and well tailored showing how great minimalist looks can be. See more here.

Though I didn't love the Fashion Star show, I didn't hate it either. But glad that Kara was the winner, I always enjoyed her unique design aesthetic. My only complaint, no plus sizes.

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