Gimmie Gimmie

Lately I've been obsessing over these Isabel Marant wedge sneakers! When I first started seeing these I wasn't sold on em. Then slowly but surely these chic street shoes kept growing on me. Maybe it was because of those terrible high heeled sneakers a few years back that had me turn my nose up at these wedges. But I'm off my high horse now because I say gimmie gimmie to these awesome sneakers!

Of course the originals will run you about $660. Even if you have the money many retailers are sold out or are on back order. So what's a girl to do when getting the originals aren't an option... find a similar and cheaper pair! My fav of the lesser versions are these pink Ash Bowie ones... hot!
Ash Bowie
Rose Leather Wedge Sneakers

Deny Wedge Sneakers
Steve Madden
Cognac LLEVE
Steve Madden
Blue Multi Color OLYMPIAA
Ash Bowie
Red/Black Wedge Sneaker
Steve Madden

Nine West
200 Les Sneaker


The Dumpy Duchess said...

wow, thank you for this post! I was looking for a similar sneaker since i'd have to get a bank loan to afford the originals. I could never find them when i searched a couple of months ago! I'm gonna check the ash bowie's out!

Alicia said...

I feel you on the bank loan lol. Glad I could help, happy shopping!

GlassesShop said...

Thank you for doing this post

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