Mad About Plaid

Since the nice weather has been more consistent I’ve been able to wear lots of my skirts and dresses. And it was so nice that I decided to do photos outside on my balcony. I gotta say, I really like how the balcony pics turned out hopefully I can do more shoots like this one.

Now on to the outfit, I bought this dress like a month or 2 ago and this was my first time wearing it. You can’t see because of the cadi but it has these really cool black lace shoulders. I’ll try and remember to take some shots without the cardi next time. It’s actually a little too big for me but since I ordered it online and I hate returning things through the mail I decided to keep it and just belt it. I really love how the plaid print is smaller and the navy blue color is more subtle. I paired the black cardi on top because I wanted to keep things simple and neutral. At first I had belted just the dress and left the cardi open but every time I walked it would slip off my shoulder. It got a little annoying so I ended up belting the whole thing. Then I went with the tan colored booties because they gave a bit of brightness to the outfit. Hope everyone has a great weekend. Til next time!

Dress: Torrid
Cardi: Old Navy
Booties: Payless

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