Floral Fun

I wore this one day last week while running around and doing some errands. My sister gave me this shirt and jeans as a gift over a year ago and I hadn’t ever worn the shirt until now. You know how you get new things and then put them away with your other clothes… and you forget that you have em. Well that’s what happened with this shirt and it’s not the first time I’ve forgotten all about a lovely item of clothing. The good news is, once you do rediscover what you’ve put away it’s like getting something new all over again and who doesn’t love that. Anyway it has all these pretty jewels around the neckline and under the bust area, very pretty for summer. The grey cardi has this great rouching on the front and was a gift from my dad for Christmas, I’m pretty sure my mom helped him pick it out but he did a great job cuz this is one of my favorite cardi’s. I’ve also been trying to be more daring and bold in my makeup choices so I chose this pink gloss to wear, it seemed to really go with the shirt and necklace.

Shirt, Cardi & Jeans: Gifted
Shoes: Steve Madden

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Amy C said...

I love this outfit! I'm going to host makeovers with Matt (Justin's BF) later in the month. Let me know. He can show you how to be more daring with the makeup!

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