Snow in April

I wore this outfit this past Saturday when I was running errands because it was snowing! I thought it was all over but I guess there are still a few more snowfalls yet. Oh well, it gave me a chance to wear my boots again as well as this great sweater. I love the asymmetry and how floppy it is, it’s also really comfy and warm. Which was my goal for the day to stay warm and be comfy (actually being comfy it my goal most days).

I saw this sweater at when it first came out around November but I had been trying to save $ and not spend so I never bought it. Then I was browsing one day while waiting to for my car to be fixed and found the sweater on sale. It only cost me $30, pretty good. I knew as soon as I tried it on I wanted to pair it with some skinny jeans and black boots. So I guess it’s good that it snowed on Saturday, I got the chance to wear this outfit before summer comes.

Sweater, Jeans & Boots: Lane Bryant

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shavon said...

i love the look that is really cute and u go gurl ur page is great!!!!!

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