BDIB: Animal Print

Hey Guys! So I originally wore this outfit on the first day of NY Fashion Week a few weeks ago. The beginning of Fashion Week is such an event and I am so far from NY that I always feel like I need to celebrate in my own fashionable way.

I picked up this dress on a trip to Target recently. I was there looking for a fancy dress to wear to a wedding (I happen to find a different leopard dress that you can see here) when I stumbled upon this amazing leopard maxi number. It was the only one there and it was on clearance for $6! Can you believe that, and can you say.. B-A-R-G-I-N. There was no way I was leaving without this dress, it had to be mine.

When I first thought about wearing this dress I knew I didn't want to do the typical leopard and black color combo. My solution for when I'm in doubt of how to cover my arms usually leads me to this bright yellow cardi. It always a fun way to add some color into any outfit. Not to mention that yellow is one of my fav colors.

As always my final touch is the jewelry. I've had this long yellowish cross for a while and couldn't find the right outfit to wear it with. I always tell myself to just hold off an the right outfit will come along. I'm so glad I waited because the color of the necklace goes so perfect with the rest of my look. It's as if it was meant to be. Do you guys ever have those moments? I could just be crazy, but is that a bad thing when it comes to fashion... who knows. Anyway catch you guys later, and thanks for reading.

Also thanks to my girl Tenzin for snapping my pics.

Dress: Target
Cardi: Old Navy
Jewelry: Forever 21


Rachel said...

$6?!? Noo way! That's an incredible deal. It looks amazing! -R (Distinct.Style.Innovation / Giveaway!)

Meagan said...

That leopard maxi dress is incredible! It looks great with the neon and I adore that big cross necklace!

Iiona said...

Hey so you should come over and check out my new blog... :-) And I can't wait until we can figure out how to get together and do another photo session :-)


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