Summer in the City


Sorry for the lack of posts. I’ve been super busy with school and work and you sometimes life just gets in the way. I hate when bloggers you grow to like just disappear on you. I promised myself that when I started this blog I wouldn’t be like that. Besides I love bloggin way to much to stop right now. So I hope you guys missed me, cuz I missed u!

Anyway on to my outfit. These photos are part 2 of my photo shoot with my lovely friend Tenzin. She was my lovely photographer for the day. It was another super HOT day and I wanted to wear something lightweight and fun. I went with my teal colored dress. The material is soo smooth and soft I could wear this dress every single day! Plus I am in love with the color. Originally it was the lining of a floral print dress that I had. I hated that dress but I just couldn’t throw away the teal lining because I just adored the color. So I worked my sewing magic and made the lining its own dress. Tah dah! I think it turned out great, it looks fun flirty and super cute all the things I want in a summer dress. I threw the pale yellow cardi for coverage and I added the gold wedges as a perfect summer accessory.

On a side note I love that last picture that Tenzin took of me. The sun blocked out the flash and it actually came out really great. Thanks again girl!
Dress: Do it yourself (by me)
Cardi: Target
Wedges: Steve Madden

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LaToya said...

You are right, the last pic looks amazing. The dress is super cute, I only wish you did a close up pic since it's completely DIY (so dope!!).


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